Giant ferris wheel

Giant ferris wheel

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  Diameter Passenger Rotation time Power Voltage covers an area of
88m ferris wheel 83m 48×6=288 17minutes / circle 35KW 380V 45m * 50m
65m ferris wheel 58m 36×6=216 12minutes / circle 27KW 380V 40m * 42m 
50m ferris wheel 46m 32×4=128 10minutes / circle 20KW 380V 28m * 32m 
42m ferris wheel 38m 24×4=96 10minutes / circle 20KW 380V 27m *29m 



Product Description
Giant Ferris wheel (also called big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel) is a large-scale mechanical structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple cabins or gondolas attached to the wheel rim due to gravity. Passengers in the cabin or gondola will gradually rise and fall rotating 360 degrees along with turn of the wheel and overlook the beautiful landscape from height. As a mixture of sight view and entertainment functions, the ferris wheel ride wins warm praise from tourists at home and abroad. The thrilling ride or family ride is widely used in theme park, amusement center, carnival and fun fair, etc.
According to operating mechanism difference, fair ferris wheels can be divided into gravity ferris wheel and observation wheel. Cockpits of gravity ferris wheel are hung on the wheel, maintaining horizontal level by virtue of gravity; while, carts of observation wheel are suspended outside the wheel, which requires more complex connecting rod mechanical structure to remain level accompanied by gondola circling. The operating principle of ferries wheel is as follows: the motor transforms high rotation speed and low torque mechanical power into high torque and low rotation speed mechanical power under the action of reducer. Then the mechanical power is transferred to wheel disc through tire or other intermediary organization with elasticity and strength.


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ISO9001,France BV(Bureau Veritas),China Manufacturer License


T/T,40% deposit,the balance 60% paid before delivery

Quality guarantee

one year for electric section&mechanical part


Providing installation video and foundation drawings

Use time

Over 10 years



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1. Wanle is a professional amusement ride manufacturer, with professional designer team, quality inspection department, experienced engineer, high quality painter etc.

2. Wanle product range: 
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3. Wanle have own design team,so customize requirement is acceptable.
4. Wanle factory located in Zhengzhou China, 1 hours flight travel from Beijing where located the Great Wall!
Zhengzhou Wanle Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.




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