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Product Description

New bounce class has equipment to turn Conch Park Plaza children's playground equipment. Crazy conch game machine is a new type of game machine. The eight tanks of the machine are fixed at the rear of the eight swing arms and the ends of the swing arms are hinged to the upper part of the upper frame. The upper frame is connected to the base by a slewing ring. The upper frame is driven horizontally about the vertical axis by the motor reducer, and the swing arm is swung up and down under the action of the airbag to drive the cockpit up and down. Can make the passengers experience the overweight and weightlessness of the thrill and excitement, but also make people have a feeling of dancing, and a light Ruyan, free and free to jump happy mood.


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Wanle Theme Park Playground Amusement Equipment Thrill Crazy conch Rides For Kids And Adults

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ISO9001,France BV(Bureau Veritas),China Manufacturer License


T/T,40% deposit,the balance 60% paid before delivery

Quality guarantee

one year for electric section&mechanical part


Providing installation video and foundation drawings

Use time

Over 10 years



Company introduce  


1. Wanle is a professional amusement ride manufacturer, with professional designer team, quality inspection department, experienced engineer, high quality painter etc.

2. Wanle product range: 
Children Ride: mini carousel, mini pirate ship,mini flying car, small flying chair,cute bee, cartoon kids train, jump car etc.
Family Ride: flying chair, samba balloon,coffee cup ride, giant pirate ship etc.
Thrilling Ride:crazy dance, super swing, giant pendulum,top spin,jump machine etc.
3. Wanle have own design team,so customize requirement is acceptable.
4. Wanle factory located in Zhengzhou China, 1 hours flight travel from Beijing where located the Great Wall!
Zhengzhou Wanle Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.




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Our mobile keep online 24hours, more product detail & newest price, please feel free to wanle us at any time.


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