Trackless train rides bring economic value to the tourism industry

2019 / 07 / 11



Zhengzhou Wanle Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.

As a new amusement equipment, the trackless train is really eye-catching, bringing us a lot of joy and bringing a lot of economic value. This is where its role is, so many cities will use it to develop the city. The characteristics, driving tourism development and stimulating consumption, this measure is very good. What are the characteristics of this kind of trackless train?

1. It can be used as a means of transportation. After a small train enters a scenic spot or a park, it can be used as a means of transportation. It can attract many tourists to experience the need to use it in a large scenic spot.
2. Children like to play with children of the same age or adults at home, so good toys should enable more than two people to play together. More importantly, parents and children can play together to promote the interaction between parents and children.
3. The trackless train is a very small train with classical features, which will make visitors better fit into the scenery inside the scenic spot. Its sense of substitution is very strong. I think this is one of the reasons why it is very popular among tourists. Let's go.
4, the trackless train is equipped with LED lights, flicker changes different colors, each car interior is equipped with audio, directly controlled by the front control room; equipped with bells to remind passers-by to avoid; the car and the car are directly equipped with safety protection, effectively reducing safety risks.
5, the product packaging is meticulous, and placed in the gap inflatable bag to prevent bumps during transportation.