What do you need to do before you can run a new amusement device?

2017 / 09 / 20

New amusement equipment in the normal operation before, are the need for testing, of course, these work before the need to control the purchase. But in accordance with the instructions step by step when the operation is also need to do some preparatory work.
1, see the new amusement equipment assembly program map. Assembly toys Whether assembled by adults or children self-assembly should be assembled program diagram.
2, see the new play equipment effective date. Some new amusement equipment is specified for use within the validity period, avoiding the use of expired products.
3, see the use of new amusement equipment. Complex toys, such as children's bicycles, walkers, computer learning machines, import new amusement equipment should be a detailed use of methods and precautions. In the purchase should pay attention to this point.
4, see security warning language. Some of the dangerous manufacturing plants implied by the toy will be reminded by warnings. If the package is opened, immediately discard the plastic bag. Non-life-saving supplies, can only be used in shallow water, not suitable for children under 3 years old. When buying and using toys, be sure to read the warnings carefully to avoid the risk of misuse of toys.