Amusement equipment safety first

2017 / 06 / 27

Children to play when the children's play must see whether the amusement facilities have "safety inspection qualified" signs.
    Ferris wheel, pirate ship, bumper car every holiday, these thrilling amusement projects always attract a lot of people to play. A lot of recreational equipment, how to do a good job of security awareness? How to prevent it? According to the survey. Reminded the majority of parents, such as riding a large children's park equipment, we must first look for "safety inspection qualified" and other signs, found no undocumented security facilities can be complaints.
    How to make children happy and safe? Parents should first take the initiative to the child's game security checks, pay attention to whether there are signs or improper design, repair or about to remove the children's park equipment. After confirming the safety of the facility, let the children go in and play. At the same time, parents should teach children to follow the park safety rules to know how to protect themselves. Such as slippery slippers, feet down, do not turn from the outside railings to the slide; do not stand swing on the swing and so on. Smaller children, when playing, parents try to stand next to remind or take care of, can not be all the security reminder to the amusement equipment administrator, because the park administrator sometimes because of many people and difficult to take into account.
    Every weekend or holiday, many adults will accompany the children into the amusement park. What should you pay attention to when you take your children's playground equipment? Before you take the amusement facilities, you must read the "Passenger Information" and the relevant "warning signs" that are affixed to the fence on the fence. According to your physical condition, Do not reach the height or age conditions do not take the high irritation equipment. Young children such as fear of heights, heart disease, anemia, try not to play breathtaking, irritation of the larger recreational facilities. In the children's park equipment failure to keep calm, do not panic, timely alarm, follow the relevant staff arrangements, the correct rescue